0 Jack Skellington - Happy Easter

I just finished up a new project of Jack Skellington dressed up for Easter. I post about this as I have made my original lineart available for everyone to download and enjoy.

Feel free to color my lineart yourself, print it out for family/friends for Easter or whatever else you want short of selling it or claiming to be the author. Download the full-size image for best results. Printed size is 9 inches x 6.4 inches. Screen size is 1281 pixels x 1800 pixels.

0 Pen and Ink Storage

This article has some tips in regards with what to do with your pen and ink supplies (dip pens, nibs, brushes, and ink) when they are not in use. Some of the information is obvious, and the rest is from my personal experience. If nothing else hopefully the information will help you better organize your pen and ink material.

Most of the article can be summed up by simply getting yourself a small plastic toolbox to hold everything. My pen and ink toolbox is in the image below and only cost me a $1 at a local DollarTree store. I have packed it around my time at college, the trips walking to/from home/college, and also for working at various other places. I can not recommend a toolbox enough.

0 Dip Pen Anatomy

Knowing the parts/anatomy of a dip pen can be a big help, especially when you are looking for help on specific topic. I have created two different images so all the parts can be shown easier.

Overall Anatomy

0 Freelance Work Online

Working freelance online can be very challenging to those new to the process. One of the best ways to start design work is getting involved in freelance bidding websites. These sites allow you to build your portfolio, get real experience, and some money in the process – and if done correctly can lead to full-time work.

One thing to point out about this type of work is that it is often times work-for-hire contracts. This means that any work you create for a job the client/employer owns the copyright and all rights to the work. You can read more about this at Wikipedia.

0 Howto: Clean Pen Nibs

If you use dip pens, brushes, or anything else for pen and ink work you know how hard it is to remove dried ink. I have several tips on cleaning pen nibs and a great recipe that can easily remove dried ink.

0 Howto: Make Cork Dip Pen Holders

How to instructions for turning a typical nib pen holder into a much more comfortable and customized tool. This is a great modification that will make extended writing/drawing more enjoyable, provides less hand fatigue, and offers better grip/control of the pen.

0 Spec Work

What is it?

A growing problem to many industries is spec work. The problem includes graphic designers, illustrators, artists, photographers, writers, and others as well.

For those that do not know what spec work is, here is a short explanation – Spec work is work you do without charge hoping to be paid. A more involved explanation is provided from No!Spec -

0 Ladybug Invasion

The yearly Ladybug invasion is well underway here. It seems to be a more common problem than in the past. Too bad the result of the comic strip isn’t like real life – as I’ve tried several times so far.

0 Thanksgiving Disguise

A turkey disguising itself to avoid becoming Thanksgiving dinner. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

0 Frog Frenzy

This comic is from a daily occurrence when feeding my African Clawed frogs. No matter how much food is in the aquarium, they often try to get the same piece of kibb (kibble-food). I think the snails eat more of the food than the frogs.

0 Shelly Dinner Time

Seems to be what my dog Shelly, a Shih Tzu, thinks of her kibb (kibble-food) at dinner time. She is very picky of what she will eat; however, thankfully my wife found a dog food she likes. Still a year later (March 2011) she still likes the dog food.

0 New TCosbyJr Portfolio and Tutorial Website

So what can you except to see on my website/blog?

I have tutorials related to making artwork (in particular pen and ink), various articles, my webcomic strips, information on my commission/freelance/service work, how to contact me, and links to my profiles/accounts with several of the popular services (available at the top of the page).

In the future I hope to write many more tutorials, share some of my artwork, and whatever else people write in to me that they are interested in reading about. So if you have anything you would like to read or see on here contact me.